Barndominiums & Metal Buildings

Due to the cost of building and site work combined with utilities, our minimum price for Barndos is $400K to build. Barndominiums are the latest structures now being built on country properties! Is it a barn or a house? We have some sample plans of barndominiums below that we can price out for you with water well and septic systems included. Most of the projects we have priced out have been coming in at around $125.00 – $150.00 per total under roof square foot for the cost of a metal building with less than 50% of the building as living quarters inside. These can be used for temporary living while waiting on your home to be built and then used as guest quarters after your permanent home is built or as your permanent home.

We do all the design work for FREE if we are your builder!

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Barnodominium Plans

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Outbuildings are very versatile in design with endless possibilities. From ‘man caves’ or ‘she sheds’, outdoor gyms, to an RV storage, workshop, barn or garage, we can help you with the design and cost to fit your specific needs.

Steel Construction vs. Traditional Wood Construction
Steel buildings have been around for the past 70 years and their popularity has grown immensely in the past few decades. Steel construction can be more economical than traditional stick-built construction, if you want open shop space, but also designed and erected far faster than traditional buildings.

Steel Framed Buildings Design Consideration
Knowing your steel gauge is very important when shopping for a new building. Cheap “economy” steel buildings use 29 gauge and is the thinner steel.

Rigid Frame vs. Arch Style Steel Buildings
Familiarize yourself with steel building styles available on the market before choosing a particular type. The two styles of steel buildings to consider are arch and rigid frame.

Trim and Gutters for Steel Buildings
Use of trim and gutters for your steel building is an important option to consider before beginning your steel building project. Trim is important as it covers and connects transitional areas of any steel building.

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Metal Buildings

White Rock designs and builds all types of metal buildings. We can build you a garage/shop, barn, large commercial buildings, or whole houses. We source out metal building companies to bid the steel portion of our buildings to allow our customers the flexibility to choose the highest rated components to utility grade. All buildings are engineered to Texas Windstorm compliance. Example of a metal building turned home below.